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- Christie Smith, Senior Writer OK! Magazine

"Beat the Press is an astute and powerful insider`s guide on how to navigate the media world - a must read for all of those who want to get in the news, or want to stay out of it."
- Linda Sachs, Shame on You Producer WCBS-TV

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- CAnne Thorson Palmer, ABC News Producer

"Beat the Press is an insider`s tool that will teach any business owner, politician, lawyer or publicity hound how to het in the news. This book unveils tactics and strategies that will help anyone shape his ir her message for the masses. Readers will also learn how to prep for the difficult interviews ans how to answer the tough questions. And should your story start turning negative, the lessons in this book will guide readers how to go on the offensive to protect your reputation. Don`t stress if you are a small business owner going up against a media giant. It is possible to influence the way your story is told."
- Ara Ayer, PBS and NBC News Producer